The API steel pipe specification

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The API specification is published by the American Petroleum Institute (API), which is a specification for welded or seamless steel pipe. The API is the only national association representing all aspects of the oil and gas industry. This supports about 10.5 million US jobs, accounting for about 8% of the US economy. These specifications are intended to help standardize the materials and equipment involved. API standards can improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance and security practices, and reduce the risk of equipment failure.

The API steel pipe specification

The API maintains over 500 standards and recommended practices. API standards are updated regularly; therefore, it is important to refer to the latest specifications. The API hopes to promote security on a global scale while affecting public policy to support the powerful US oil and gas industry.


API 2B is a specification for welded steel sheets used in the construction of offshore drilling platforms.steel sheet manufacturers This gauge typically tends to be larger than 14 inches and the thickness is also larger than 3⁄8 inches and larger. The maximum length of the API 2B specification is typically about 40 feet. Clients can request API 2B based on the application they are going to use.


API 5CT is a standard specification for the manufacturing process, performance requirements, test methods and required dimensions of seamless and welded steel casing and tubing. This standard applies to all grades of casing, production tubing, joints, short sections, connectors and various downhole fittings. The dimensions of the API 5CT external dimensions typically range from 6mm to 219mm. The wall thickness of 5CT is usually 1mm-30mm. Clients can request API 5CT based on the application they are going to use.


API 5L is used to specify the type of welded or seamless steel pipe that is used in pipeline systems for oil and gas. The pipe is seamless and welded to meet the special challenges of all transmission environments. steel square pipe.API 5L is suitable for conveying gases, water and oil. The size range of the API 5L is often limited to what manufacturers can do. API 5L has many advantages, such as being preferred in long pipes due to its low cost, and pipe steel is very resistant to cracks or leaks. API 5L steel pipes are available in a variety of wall thicknesses and can be produced domestically to meet the specific application requirements of our customers. Clients can request API5L based on the application they are going to use.

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